The Dynamic Difference
The Powered S.A.F.E System blunt dissection disposable punches allow physicians to isolate, dissect and extract single follicular units with unprecedented speed and precision. Our tool’s blunt-punch design consistently reduces transection rates to 5% and less.

The Powered S.A.F.E System includes the revolutionary Hex disposable punch and the original Round disposable punch. All punches come in a range of sizes. For a full description of our product click here.
Rapid Reliability

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Important Announcement From HSC Development

Visit us at the Chicago ISHRS Conference - Booth 61
Join us at our exhibit at the 23rd Annual ISHRS Conference to discuss and purchase our innovative surgical tools for FUE. For pre-orders email us at or call us at 877-265-9667.

Technical Bulletin: Single Use S.A.F.E. Hex and Round Punches.
Updated Instructions for Use

Updated Instructions from Dr. James Harris:  The technique for using the Hex and Round punch are now identical.  In previous instruction sets and videos the round punch and the Hex punch had two distinct methods of use. After extensive testing it has been determined that the same technique can be utilized with both types of punches. For complete instructions click here.